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Services Provided - Ocala Florida

Providing individual, couples and family counseling for a range of issues including:

·        Eating Disorders

·         Marriage and Relationship Issues

·         Anxiety or Fears

·        Addiction

·         Adoption

·         Anger Management

·         Depression

·         Divorce

·         Domestic Abuse

·         Entitlement

·         Gambling

Internet Addiction

·         Loss or Grief

·         Obesity

·         Obsessive-Compulsive (OCD)

·         Sports Psychology

·         Self Esteem

·         Self-Harming

·         Sexual Abuse

·         Sexual Addiction

·         Substance Abuse

·         Suicidal Ideation

·         Trauma and PTSD

·         Weight Loss

·         Dissociative Disorders

·         Personality Disorders

·         Narcissistic Personality Disorders


Experiential Intensive Therapy Groups

People can get involved at 2 levels, depending on their comfort level and "readiness". They can choose to: 1) observe and/or interact minimally 2) do focused work on their issues. All members must first go through assessment process to identify goals and "prepare" for group involvement. Groups are mostly general in nature but at times have a "theme", such as anxiety, eating disorders, addictions, couples, etc. These are experiential groups, and we employ psychodrama, Gestalt, and other experiential techniques designed to help clients "get into" their feelings.

Ocala Recovery: An Intensive Eating Disorders Treatment Program

This is an intensive Therapy Group for people struggling with Eating Disorders, Obesity, & Binge Eating. We focus on in-depth therapy to understand and resolve the core issues driving your symptoms. We use interactive & expressive therapies, including role plays, music/art, meal therapy & trauma work. Groups run Monday thru Thursday, from 9 AM - 5 PM, lunch included. Click here to see further details.

Marriage and Relationship Issues

Marriage & Relationship Counseling is offered to those of you who wish to resolve interpersonal problems and to those of you seeking to enhance the effectiveness of your communication and intimacy. We believe there are two sources within relationships that contribute to our struggles as well as our successes: The extent of our communication effectiveness skills (What we know about sending and receiving clear messages, objective and emotional problem solving skills) and understanding the specific influences of our families of origin and their influence on communication style, values, and conflicts which we bring from the past into our relationships today.  Our approach emphasizes acquiring insights and learning skills that empower couples and individuals to be more effective in making their relationships work. We address issues such as how to talk to each other about on-going problems in ways that enhance closeness rather than increase distance. Couples are taught how to renew and enhance positive feelings for each other as well as how to regulate negative emotions that arise during conflicts. Work to resolve sexuality problems as well as increase sexual satisfaction is available as part of our counseling.

Our aim is to help couples unlock the deeper meaning and realize the dreams that are held within the higher purpose of their being together.

Our styles are strongly influenced by research on what makes relationships work.

Anxiety and Fears

Anxiety is a condition that shows itself as a monster of many faces, all of them intensely uncomfortable or painful. Anxiety can haunt your life. It is capable of stealing the pleasure out of things that should be joyful or fun or loving. Anxiety can immobilize. Anxiety can sabotage relationships. Our compassionate staff can help find effective ways to reduce and eliminate anxiety and it's effects.


Treating addiction can seem like the loneliest and hardest task in the world. Every direction you turn leads up a steep cliff, and there are no easy choices. Take heart. Others have been in this territory before. They made it through alive and sane and reclaimed their lives from addiction on the other side. While everyone's path to sobriety is different, we can help you take the necessary steps to solve the problems you will face and begin to reclaim your life.

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